How To Apply a Decal

Decal Terms

- "Die-Cut Decals" or "Transfer Decals" are designed and created to provide the best possible appearance when install is complete. These types of decals do NOT have clear edges or solid color backgrounds that will fade or corrode over time. These types of decals consist of a multi-step application process. (Instructions Below)

- Transfer Tape is the clear/paper film that holds your vinyl design together. This layer allows you to "transfer" the design onto your application.

Vinyl is the material that makes up your design. Vinyl comes in a variety of different colors, thicknesses and uses. (Here at American Die-Cut Decals, we only use vinyl products that are 100% Made in USA.)

- Backing Paper is the paper material that your decal is resting on before use.

Application Instructions

Step 1: Clean your surface
- Clean the surface of your application using ONLY water and a clean cloth. Use the dry side of the clean cloth to pat the area dry.
** DO NOT use any cleaning chemicals or detergents. Cleansers are designed to leave behind an anti-stick invisible film. This invisible film will fight back against your decal adhesive which can cause some or all of your design to fail the application process, in turn ruining the possible use of the decal all together.  **

Step 2: Application
- SLOWLY peel the transfer tape from the backing paper. The vinyl design will adhere to it and lift off the backing paper. (If any pieces of the design are not sticking to the transfer tape during this process, STOP and slowly lay it back down. Use a stiff plastic card to apply some pressure to that area and repeat the process until all pieces have lifted off the backing paper together)

- Next, place your decal on your desired surface. Use a stiff plastic card or card sized squeegee to apply pressure across the face of the decal so it firmly adheres.

- Once adequate pressure has been applied throughout, SLOWLY remove the transfer tape from the surface, revealing your brand new decal! You're done!
*(If any pieces of the design are not adhering to the desired surface while removing the transfer tape, STOP and slowly lay the transfer paper back down in order to apply more pressure to that area.)*

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