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BenShot - "BULLETPROOD DAD" Rocks Glass - 11oz

BenShot - "BULLETPROOD DAD" Rocks Glass - 11oz

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BenShot BULLETPROOF DAD Rocks Glass - 11oz

- 11oz Rocks Glass embedded with a REAL .308 Bullet!
- BULLETPROOF DAD etched into the glass!
- Glasses are high-quality, heavy, and handcrafted in Wisconsin.
- All packaging and raw materials are Made in USA.

A perfect glass for that Bulletproof Dad!

Unique and thoughtful gifts for the guy or gal that is hard to buy for! Military, hunting, dads, and groomsmen. “Bulletproof” rocks glasses make distinctive and thoughtful gifts for anyone! Custom bars and man caves need to have a BenShot glass on their bar. No gunpowder. No Exposed lead. Safe to drink and use. Disclaimer: Glass is not actually bulletproof or shatterproof. It won't stop a bullet traveling at 3,200 ft/s. It must not be used to protect any person, property, or animal from the imminent danger of a projectile traveling at any speed. BenShot, LLC.

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